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From OR to AND…

Sometimes it is humbling to look at the world; both the transformative potential and the complex challenges. What is emerging from both the potential and the challenges is a new perspective: AND. Thought leaders are moving away from “this or that” “either/or” and beginning to search for “AND”. Resource extraction AND conservation. Social purpose AND profit. Food for all AND sustainable agriculture. The AND perspective is one of curiosity, creativity, innovation, humanity, and ethics.

What occurs when the perspective shifts from OR to AND is a convergence of purpose and the door to opportunity. Short-term results AND a long-term focus. Autonomy AND collaboration. Big-picture view AND ground-floor execution. AND makes actions and purposes whole. It can bring seeming contradictions into one frame. It solves more than one problem.

So, where can you find an AND today? What would happen if you framed the questions surrounding your greatest challenge to AND?


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