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Big business makes sustainable trash a sexy investment opportunity

The deal snapshot of Waste Management’s purchase of a majority stake in Garick says little about the details of the purchase. However, what is clear is sustainable enterprise is BIG enterprise. Recently, WM has been making investments into companies within the organic composting market.

Major companies, like WM, have opened their eyes to the opportunities in the marketplace for sustainable business models, practices, and products. The door is opening for social enterprises to position themselves in alignment with larger corporations that serve as compliments to their market, distribution, and service. Who knows, perhaps there is even investment in the opportunity. This synergy is also a boon for investors looking for earth-loving and social investments.

-FYI, WM stock gained just over 3% the day of the announcement.

This is not a recommendation for the purchase of Waste Management or Garick securities . This is for informational purposes only. The author does not hold direct positions in WM stock.


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