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WANTED: A Few Good Businesspeople

What’s needed now in the social entrepreneur and impact investment space? Apparently a few good businesspeople according to Rodríguez Arregui, founder of Ignia, a VC fund operating in the impact investment sector. In a recent article posted by Reuters on the topic of impact investing:

I asked Klement and Rodríguez Arregui what trends they see in impact investing. Both see momentum picking up and more money coming into the sector. Companies like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan are putting money into this new asset class. Rodríguez Arregui thinks that a lot of the talent in the social investing world comes from the non-profit sector rather than business and that more business expertise is needed. (emphasis added.)

With new money and momentum in the space, why the lack of business expertise within the social entrepreneurship/impact investment sector? What can be done to get more people with business acumen to want to work at the intersection of profit and mission?


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  1. Val McMurdie says:

    A agree with Arregui more investments will be made when investors see people with business expertise managing these enterprises. Otherwise, an “investment” will be viewed as a donation, rather than having some profit expectation.

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