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Investment and innovation in the for-profit social impact community.

Solution Needed: Social Entrepreneurs Encouraged to Apply


  • Hunger
  • Environmentally Unfriendly Agricultural Production
  • Slowing Growth in Agricultural Output


  • Increase agricultural production while increasing/reaching sustainability and environmentally harmonious agricultural processes
  • Prevent/minimize food waste
  • Manage distribution of foods, locally and globally

Who’s up to the challenge?

While it is unlikely one person, or even a team, is likely to step up to the plate, several groups are likely to create a web of interconnected plugs to solve this problem. Well, hopefully. Because we have to.  So why put on your thinking cap and be a part of creating the solution? Or, at least find small ways to not contribute to the problem; buy more organic, waste less food, use more economical forms of nourishment (not that eating dairy and meat is bad, just perhaps eat less of it).



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