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Social Enterprise Profitable? YES!

Make money doing good. Whoda thunk?


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Ron Cordes Interview on Impact Investing in Forbes Magazine

Ever articulate and a champion of impact investing, Ron Cordes, Co-Chairman of Genworth Financial Wealth Management interviews with Forbes magazine on impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

As I built our impact portfolio, I began to fully appreciate the ability to create “double bottom line” returns – particularly in 2008 when several of our microfinance investments were among the top performers in our portfolio. I also had the opportunity to speak with dozens of the wealth managers we work with at Genworth, and found that they had an emerging interest within their client bases to do the same thing we were doing – but lacked any tools or infrastructure to actually build and implement impact portfolios. 

Our philosophy is that to solve the world’s toughest problems we need exponentially more resources than can be provided through just traditional philanthropy.  Impact investing offers an opportunity to tap a giant new capital source to create sustainable, scalable solutions that can have potential game-changing results.

For the whole August 29th interview in Forbes.






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WANTED: A Few Good Businesspeople

What’s needed now in the social entrepreneur and impact investment space? Apparently a few good businesspeople according to Rodríguez Arregui, founder of Ignia, a VC fund operating in the impact investment sector. In a recent article posted by Reuters on the topic of impact investing:

I asked Klement and Rodríguez Arregui what trends they see in impact investing. Both see momentum picking up and more money coming into the sector. Companies like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan are putting money into this new asset class. Rodríguez Arregui thinks that a lot of the talent in the social investing world comes from the non-profit sector rather than business and that more business expertise is needed. (emphasis added.)

With new money and momentum in the space, why the lack of business expertise within the social entrepreneurship/impact investment sector? What can be done to get more people with business acumen to want to work at the intersection of profit and mission?

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BYU and Acumen Fund Host Impact Investment Case Competition

BYU and the Acument Fund are hosting a case competition for BYU students. More from BYU’s Universe.

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Impact Investment Fund Challenge

Can the world of finance (you know, the same one that brought the financial crisis) be the same conduit for “capitalism 2.0”?

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Sarona Asset Management Closes Impact Investment Funds of Funds

Raising over $22m, Sarona Asset Management recently closed on their new Global Diversified funds of funds fund. This fund is the most recent fund among the 6 other funds they manage.

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Impact Investment Gains Traction in Financial Markets

A news round-up this week suggests multiple new developments for impact investments within the financial sector. An impact investment infrastructure platform from Gate Technologies is in beta testing with a formal launch for institutional investors anticipated this quarter. In other news, Mission Markets updates their successes with their impact investment platform and secondary market for impact investments (see Hotfrog and Better World Books – the two successful listings on the platform). And that’s the round-up!

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Living in Trash: Safe AND Sustainable

The concept of product “whole life cycle” is of increasing importance to consumers and investors alike. The concept of keeping resources in “production” is the key to sustainability and profitable investment. The challenge is imagination and application. Today, Triple Pundit shares a story of Tetra Pak. Who knew living in trash could be so awesome?

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SOCAP RECAP: And what really is next?

At SOCAP, the excitement and energy at the conference was palatable. Never before has there been a gathering of bright, creative, energetic, diverse, and driven group of people. Truly. But perhaps that is what it takes to bring a new sector to life.

Enough about the amazing SOCAP conference, what is actually happening as a result of it? From first-hand observation, there is action across disciplines, from public policy to investment management, bootstrapping entrepreneurs to corporate attorneys, helping to move forward and make way for the impact sector. The industry is still in its formative years, developing and forming, but it will not be long before significant progress is made. Things happen quickly when bright and creative people get together.

Progress has been noted. The NYT sourced an article from Johnathan Weber of The Bay Citizen on topic of the conference.

But the notion that for-profit companies with a social mission at their core could constitute an “asset class” is fairly new. And though there are myriad challenges in making it real, there is genuine progress.

Kevin Jones, a serial entrepreneur who created the SOCAP conference, said such attitudes were evolving rapidly. “There is a changing investor mindset,” he said. “There is a true moral hunger for a new asset class.”

Mr. Jones cited a recent study showing that some $120 billion of investment capital — much of it from wealthy families — is looking for a socially productive, and profitable, home.

Collectively, social entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations are still developing the infrastructure for the emerging asset class. Networks, legal structures, social policy advocates, and financial products are still being created to expand the base and make the market more available and mainstream. The collective belief is that this is a viable market and that there really is a means to do good while making money. Both institutional and retail investors should have opportunities to put their capital to work, not just earning a profit, but solving challenging environmental and social issues.

The character of social entrepreneurs and investors goes beyond “we can” to “we ARE”. With the dedication and innovation of talented people, the momentum is already moving social enterprise and impact investment forward.

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Hedge Funds Get in on Impact

From the Hedge Funds Review: A group of foundations is inviting investment managers to nominate themselves to be part of an index of fund managers delivering social and environmental value in addition to financial returns.

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